Iron Tank Consulting

Simplifying Business Challenges

In a world that is constantly evolving, Iron Tank helps businesses to tackle complex challenges. With a range of business management and financial consultancy services, enriching stakeholder growth remains as our foremost responsibility.

Our Story

Since our inception in 1991, Iron Tank has been helping multiple businesses transform their journeys towards growth.

But our success story starts from the classroom. Mr. Painter, one of the high school teachers’ business mindset and aesthetic sense inspired our founder to study various business-related subjects, including business mathematics.

Initiated from the East London, we were introduced to the different markets to offer our services to the broader client-base. Our diverse service portfolio includes accountancy services, financial consultancy, strategic business management and beyond.

By early 2012, our expertise was reaching across the Europe as we expanded our collaborative assistance network. Today, we are expanding our horizons to support business prosperity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Values



Driven by positivity, our leadership encourages an environment of trust. Professionally accurate and creatively unconventional, our team is constantly bringing success to clients with advanced tactics and tools of implementation.



Thinking out loud and taking a practical approach towards consultancy, our actions aredriven by what the client envisions as success. At each step, we work creatively to bring transformation for businesses, using cutting-edge solutions.



Building collaboration and committing ourselves to diversity, we move towards growth by including people from all walks and potentials to create stellar work for all our clients. Our all-inclusive environment promotes long-lasting, strong relationships.


Continuous Development

We ensure that our team continues to develop professionally in all aspects. Partnering with you for strategic transformation and value maximisation keeps us motivated to tactfully review and implement latest techniques.



Our team welcomes differing opinions and new ideas which helps us explore new potentials and achieve heightened success in the long-run. It also helps us to understand and bring better solutions and strategies that are focused on end-results.

Our Team

Mohammed Shahidullah

Heading the Investment Funds and Compliance products at Iron Tank, Mohammed Shahidullah has proven experience increating substantial advantage for clients when it comes to financial consultancy and decision making. A certified FCCA Accountant, he has a vast experience of over 25 years in the accounting industry with over a thousand successful projects in his portfolio. He is also the founder of Shahidullah & Co. which is a successful accountancy service firm in London. Building good interest and trust with clients have helped Mr. Shahidullah in achieving lucrative results for most of his clients.

Nazmus Sadat Asif

Nazmus has an experience of 10 years in dealing with complex accounting with large corporate structures and groups. He has a strong foothold in the areas of R&D accounting, goodwill and intangible assets. Mr. Nazmus’ knowledge of group structures and group accounting has led him to work as a financial consultant to tackle complex accounting at Shahidullah & Co.

Sabbir Patwary

Sabbir Patwary is a man with passionate ideas and unwavering curiosity. With 12 years of experience and interest in economic and business landscapes across different parts of the world, Mr. Sabbir has mastered what strategic consultancy demands. With a keen interest and expertise in collaborating with individuals and businesses, he adds to the Iron Tank team by looking after the strategy formulation and implementation. With successful experience in accountancy and business growth, he brilliantly contributes to providing benchmarking services, giving businesses a set standard to work towards. He has made significant contribution for businesses across UK and Europe and has in-depth expertise of Governance, Financial Controls, Audit Planning, Human Resources and Business Strategy Planning, Implementation and Growth.

Junaid Umar

Ensuring operational excellence and strengthening resource partnerships, Mr. Junaid masters the skill of achieving maximum business efficiency. He dedicates his services to improve business processes, boost performance and mitigate risks. In the field for almost 15 years, Mr. Junaid has developed the ability to build long-lasting relationships with clients and has demonstrated significant value in developing and learning about new products and software. With a keen outlook at details and strong analytical skills, he has been adding to the team by his interest in solving complex problems for clients. His experience allows him to lead within his specialties which ranges from complicated aspects such as tax management and value negotiations to analysing and mapping business processes to identify areas of improvement.